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The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain, Film

The film is a true story told in real-time about an African American VET with bi-polar disorder who accidentally sets off his medical alert pendant. Within two hours from when the police arrive he is dead.


Produced in 2019, the film is not yet distributed at theaters, TV or via a streaming service. KC Productions is seeking to gain traction through media coverage and community buzz from their wins at film festivals. Create awareness of the multiple issues that led to the main character’s death (mental illness, social, racial and economic injustice) at the local community level.


Created a series of guerilla PR campaigns in response to the film’s acceptance and awards granted at local festivals throughout the country, and at the community, level to enlist the support of key publics working in race relations, mental health, education, social justice, and politics. Populate social media to build a defining presence.

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Clarity Marketing Support

CMS is an established strategic advisory firm that helps B2B clients improve sales and marketing metrics and KPI’s. They specialize in the fields of cybersecurity, and professional services firms.

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Mozart’s 10th Holiday Light Show 2019

Mozart’s Coffee Roasters is an Austin institution located on Lady Bird Lake with a spectacular view. The longest running Grand Cafe in Austin, Texas, Mozart’s roasts small batch and artisan blends on site and their scratch bakery servces thousands of pastries and savory items every day. coffee, hot. Their annual light show is a giveback to the community, now in its 10th year and features millions of LED lights and live entertainment and is free to the public.

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The Pink Parachute Project

Teodora Pogonat is an award-winning, published fine art and portrait photographer. Born in Bucharest, Romania, and raised in Miami, she’s currently in Austin. Her photographic style is strongly influenced by the multi-cultural environment she grew up in, and from extensive domestic and international travel.

The photographer uses an actual 30 lb. pink 1967 British parachute throughout the series, to symbolize the struggles and gender issues women face throughout their lifetime.

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