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I have never encountered a person with more dedication, tenacity and vision than Elise Krentzel. Her photo belongs next to “a force of nature” in a dictionary. Having her on your team is a true blessing.

Eileen Keller, Social Physicist

I wanted to share the Joy that I have in my heart when I think of you and the work that you provided Mozart‘s for the second year in a row – the 10th Annual Joyous Holiday Light Show 2019. Your attention to detail, depth of knowledge and pulse of the Greater Austin Community is what helped solidify and endear the 2019 light show in the hearts and minds of our Austin Community and beyond. The Mozart‘s light show is a Joyous beast of an undertaking that physically, mentally and emotionally stretches the limits of the Mozart‘s staff and facility.  We estimated that this year we had over three quarters of a million visitors during the 10 week period from when the show began.  I am proud of the standing that Mozart‘s has in the community and also realize that we need to continually improve, reinvent and revisit.  I would like to continue our relationship.

Stacy Leonard, Co-Owner, Mozart’s Coffee Roasters

Elise helped me with the PR for an art exhibit launch. She was meticulous about helping me find the right wordings for the press releases and exhibit brochures, and helped me get on a local news station to promote the art exhibit’s opening night. My project would not have been the success it became without her help in promotions and promotional write ups! She masterful at forming a creative image and choosing just the right words. Her perception of the neuances of words, and intuitive instinct of what works with the public would be a huge asset for anyone thinking of hiring her for PR or writing work!

Teodora Pogonat, Hardware engineer with diverse background of hardware and software testing

Elise always brings a unique and helpful perspective to any conversation. Her career in media is remarkable–from journalism to international music promotion to digital management over a course of decades! She’s a fearless innovator, a great storyteller and marketer and, by the way, an engaging writer. With democracy and womens’ rights in question, Elise positions herself in the forefront. Her tireless promotion of freedom and self-actualization are epic. I have known her for many years and she always comes through as promised. Highly recommended!

Andrew V. Edwards , Author, Managing Partner at Verity7, Speaker, Director Emeritus Digital Analytics Association

Elise is much more than an author, coach, and entrepreneur. She is a vivacious symphony of passion and confidence. Her generosity extends beyond her time, sharing wisdom that enriches those around her. A powerful soul, Elise infuses years of introspective and worldly exploration into every interaction. Her resilience shines through in her unwavering commitment to excellence, evident in every endeavor she undertakes.

Cory J. Smith, Connector-in-chief, Leadership coach, Community builder/educator

A friend recommended Elise to me for her book coaching services so I hired her to help me with my children’s picture book. With Elise’s assistance, I was able to turn my initial ideas and scrapbook pages into an actual story as well as develop a narrative ‘arc’ to provide more meaning to the reader. Elise helped me find an editor and an illustrator which made the book the best quality it could be. I am very grateful for Elise’s services — the book has now been published and this would not be possible without Elise’s initial assistance.

Elise also set up my social media pages and tweaked my bios so that they would reflect my new author identity.

Jennifer Ballow, LMSW, Author, Social Worker, Soundscape Therapist

I worked with Elise as my book coach to help me decipher how to create a viable collection of stories or a novel from the many short stories and notes I had written over time. My writing is copious and I had limited time. As an attorney and full-time single dad of a special needs child, I appreciated her directness and focus. She can clearly distinguish what intelligent writing is and how to organize and sculpt concepts from thin air into a cohesive and thought-provoking story. I enjoyed working with her and hope to do so again when I find time to start my next project!! Thanks, Elise!

Jamal Edwards, IP & Trials Super Lawyer®️, Outside General Counsel, Corp. Director, Coach & Speaker

Elise was instrumental in helping my new company organize its PR and marketing efforts… from visioning, honing on target market, tools to utilize, and step-by-step advice!

Emily Rollins, Focused on making a positive impact in my second act

What started as an innocent ghostwriting inquiry has turned into the exploration and solidification of the next chapter of my life. Business acumen and domain expertise are the price of admission in Elise’s business. What sets her apart is a genuine gift for seeing the innate (possibly hidden) gifts that lie within. Working with Elise has been terrifying and enthralling but always valuable. Such is the case when releasing one’s inner genius. I am very grateful to have Elise in my corner as a guide, confidant, and butt kicker every step of the way.

Adam Halpern, CEO, Profitable Destinations, Inc.

I have been working with Elise on the Board of Directors of the Austin Oita Sister City Committee. Elise is our Festival Chair, and she led the fundraising efforts. She expertly guided the committee by introducing targeted fundraising strategies aimed at corporate sponsors that were cause-based as well as grant-giving funding channels. She succeeded in raising three times the amount the Board had in the previous year.

Ben Ramirez III, VP & Executive Director, Center for Global Trade World Affairs Council of Austin

I look forward to continuing working with Elise on the Board. She brings enthusiasm and focus to projects. Elise promotes action with a sense of purpose that is pragmatic, resulting in bottom-line success. Elise can bring her years of business acumen to bat for you and your venture. She helps accurately identify avenues you may not have thought to explore, and on top of that she is a very genuine and encouraging person. She saw several potential pivot points for my company, and I would recommend her for any client large or small!

Katherine Lents, CEO, Founder, ShowUp Media

Elise is a no nonsense guide and mentor. She will firmly let you know her thoughts on your current state and then provide you with the tools you need (and maybe didn’t know you needed) to help you achieve your goals. Elise’s vast experience in the business and nonprofit sectors make her a great consultant for those who need to bring business sense and approaches to their plans to make the world a better place.

Robin Herskowitz, Executive Director & Board Member, HealthStart Foundation CEO – RH2 Consulting

Elise is a breath of fresh air in a saturated marketplace full of “professional opinion” marketers. She is always enthusiastic, positive and upbeat even when the challenge seems impossible. She brings an incredible background with her, that helps uncover and identify new ideas and methods most professionals fail to see. I have had the pleasure of working with Elise on more than one project, and I look forward to our next adventure together! Whether a consultant, a partner, an advisor, Elise will bring immediate value to your vision and goals.

John Zozzaro, Founder & President, MediaTech Ventures

Elise is the medium of new media, an expert on branding and a visionary mind. Far more important: one of the finest people to work with or to be discovered by! Elise’s nose for trends & talent, influenced the course of my career big time, since she envisioned the role of digital within one of the best and biggest advertising agencies in the world, BBDO. She launched my career within that network.

Marvin Fernandez, Head of Concept & Design, Dept. of Communications & Media Design University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

I had the opportunity to work together with Elise and she was of great assistance. She guided us in the right directions we needed as a small business to make the moves needed to expand and remodel our restaurant concept. She has a great deal of knowledge in marketing and provides direction in the ins and outs of a successful business.

John Coronado, Co-Owner, Aviary Wine + Kitchen

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