EK Public Relations


Elise Krentzel
CEO/Founder, CQ

Elise has an unparalleled enthusiasm, and zest for life which she uses to inspire her clients to apply out-of-the-box using innovative communications. She makes the possible probable through her no-nonsense approach and leverages startups and brands through expansive and practical strategies.

Author of two memoirs and many ghostwritten books, she is a contributor writer to several magazines, blogger, frequent podcast guest, and public speaker. Elise sits on the board of the Austin chapter of Conscious Capitalism, and The Global Chamber of Commerce. She’s listed in Who’s Who in America, and Who’s Who in the East.


We’re like architects. On the first floor, we spot opportunities others miss by developing a sound strategic marketing plan. The 2nd floor leads to implementing operational + GTM concepts with just enough of a rebel spirit to stay ahead of the curve. The roof consists of external outreach including promotional concepts, PR, and other methods of attraction.

Our M.O.

We get to the root of what your persona is, then develop aspirational stories and events linked to your brand. Brand = mission + vision + messages. Our GTM communication strategies enable our clients to achieve their short and long term future goals.

We build ongoing relationships with customers, end-users, and key stakeholders, leading to interactive dialogues.

We listen to your key customers and deliver compelling visual and written content that can be shaped into modern memories.

Creative Collaborations

Based in Austin, Texas with a New York City sensibility for making magic happen out of thin air, we cull from a pool of talented associates around the world in the fields of editorial, design, audio/visual, media, web development and everything in between.

We transform vision into innovation, find new ways to gain market share for our clients and inspire others to monetize this innovation.

If you’re seeking an innovative approach to communicate your brand we’d love to get to know you.