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The Pink Parachute Project

Teodora Pogonat Photography - Public Relations - Marketing Communications
Teodora Pogonat is an award-winning, published fine art and portrait photographer. Born in Bucharest, Romania, and raised in Miami, she’s currently in Austin. Her photographic style is strongly influenced by the multi-cultural environment she grew up in, and from extensive domestic and international travel. The photographer uses an actual 30 lb. pink 1967 British parachute throughout the series, to symbolize the struggles and gender issues women face throughout their lifetime.


Fine art photography is a highly specialized field that to a large degree, has been undermined and diluted by the advent of the street photographer. Most fine art photographers just starting out, earn their bread & butter from commercial photography such as weddings, headshots, and family portraits. Teodora Pogonot was no different except for her series, The Pink Parachute Project. Foster name recognition for the artist’s project initially in the Austin market in order to take the show nationwide.


Crafted an integrated publicity campaign online with a special focus on Instagram food influencers, other social media and TV. Created a series of 7 themed messages released over an eight week period. Tied messaging to live activations on-site including contests and giveaways. Publicized Mozart’s 10th Anniversary of the show through by releasing special blend holiday coffees, launched digital and in-store gift cards and updated their website to reflect the new coffees, desserts and savory offerings.


A cover story in the esteemed Texas Lifestyle Magazine and a number one rating in Almost Real Things’ “Artists to Watch” section of their print publication.

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